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weddings photographed in a quirky modern fashion style with a distinctive cinematic edge.

Meet London born wedding photographer Ian Johnson an 'A' listed by Destination Weddings Magazine

London wedding photographer Ian Johnson is an award winning photographer who creates beautiful modern styled wedding photos,with a touch of classic to please everyone on your most special wedding day. Ian has always provided a London wedding service for all areas of London including all leading venues in Chelsea, Fulham, Mayfair and Knightsbridge, as well as wedding photography services in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and surrounding counties. Listed as an acclaimed A listed destination weddings photographer by DWM magazine. You can see weddings from Santorini, Mykonos, Sicily Portugal Tuscany and as far away as Thailand and Mexico.

Ian Johnson Photo 'wedding photography with a distinctive cinematic storybook edge'

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. While the task of a wedding photographer is to capture an event, he has to do more than that. He has to bring life to his photos by capturing the fairytale that is a weeding day, the happiness, the atmosphere, the passion, the joy and the love. But can love be captured in a photo?

What do they say about Ian Johnson as a Wedding Photographer

Diann Valentine Celebrity wedding planner said ”your energy and inspiration on wedding days is contagious”

Ian Johnson

Well he loves what he does is a great reason, has tons of experence from being a film photographer, he is married, a Dad with two children. Being an award winning wedding photographer, he has taken thousands of photos in his over long career. However, for him the true reward from his work is the happiness of the couple gets with the wedding photography. He believes that his photos should last a hundred years. The true reward is when children of a couple he has worked with say that they love the photos he took of their parents on their wedding day.

Why choose Ian rather than another Wedding Photographer?

Exactly what Diann Valentine Celebrity wedding planner said about Ian ”your energy and inspiration on wedding days is contagious” For many years he has been a fashion and celebrity photographer in Los Angeles, his work described easily by saying “photography with a distinct cinematic storybook edge”. He was trusted to be featured on Dreamworks/Mark Burnett TNT’s TV show “Wedding Day” as the onscreen wedding photographer.

Often, when couples see his work, he is asked whether or not the people in the pictures are models, because of the “Hollywoodish glamour” presented in the photos. However, the answer is quite straightforward - over 99% of his couples are not celebrities, but rather everyday working people. He just tries to make their day, tell their unique story and capture the fairytale that is their love and their wedding as best as he can.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Ian Johnson Photo is also a destination wedding photographer and seeing his work, you might think that it is far out of your price range. However, his prices are fairly reasonable and affordable. Furthermore, while his schedule is quite busy, you are free to contact him with your wedding date and your destination, even if the event is just a week or two away.

London Wedding Photographer Ian Johnson Photo is a truly professional wedding photographer with London as his home his destination wedding photography service never become blended together. With expertise of over twenty years, Ian Johnson knows that each little detail is important and he does go the extra mile, visiting the venues, getting to know you and your story, in order to be able to capture what a wedding is truly all about – extraordinary love between ordinary people.

Who is Ian Johnson Photo this is a portrait of the London Photographer
About Me

London wedding photographer

Hi there, yes I am Londoner, a West Ham fan, married to a Swede, dad of two kids Nick and Elle, always love an English breakfast, still miss my dream CJ5 Jeep and living full time in LALA land Los Angeles, always loved photographing fashion, portraits, wakeboarding and weddings. If you are looking for one of the best London Wedding photographers that really cares contact me. So I waiting to hear from you thanks.

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London Wedding or a Destination wedding

Whether your wedding is in London, a local wedding venue, an established UK venue or you are having a destination wedding abroard getting married overseas in Santorini, Italy, Portugal, Thailand or Bali I can help. Having photographed weddings at the Ice Hotel in Sweden at -31 to photographing weddings at 105f in Sicily, I am experienced with a very good pair of hands. As a London wedding photographer it is very easy for me to fly out for destination weddings overseas.London airport actually is perfect for that.

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Recent weddings, wedding photos, venue suggestions, reviews and all news about Ian Johnson Photo click here on the blog, there is a lot of everything here wakeboards,food,family but many photos. Latest on the blog wedding trends from wedding photographers If you are on G+ feel free to drop in on my G+ Page for Ian Johnson Photo Click on the shortened link here

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A gallery of some of my favourite wedding photography wonderful captured moments that show a slice of life and hopefully a touch of fashion aswell. I have always find it very tough choosing faves, Im sure you will enjoy this selection, the photos are from local London weddings to destination weddings overseas.

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Photojournalistic wedding photos

A photo gallery of real photojournalistic moments from a wedding day or should I say wedding days. Including the photo that won Nikons wedding photographers award 'Top Knot' photographer 2012. I once had an ad that said I turn real life moments into works of art, I hope you agree.

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Business corporate commercial photography a Google Street View Business trusted photographer photographing business, panoramas, editorial assignments, corporate headshots and much more, hopefully showing my experience as a professional photographer

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Positano Wedding Review Couples look for locations that are not only picturesque but also truly capture their personality and the theme of their wedding. Two of the places that are gaining popularity with wedding photographers as top wedding venues are Sorrento and Positano in Italy. It was once something usually done by celebrities. However, destination weddings have become more popular amongst soon to be wed couples these days.

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Wedding Venue Spotlight

Wedding Venue Spotlight Ice Hotel Sweden

The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi Sweden, its a tiny little village 120 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the now iconic wedding venue is working overtime at this time of the year with couples from all over the world getting married at this chilly little chapel. More info and my review about the Ice Hotel click here. Ice Hotel Sweden

Santorini Mykonos and the Greek islands for Weddings

The islands of Greece provide you with a unique setting for your wedding. Santorini, Mykonos or Sifnos With their mystic beauty and the majestic sunsets of their picturesque beaches, they offer you a once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience. It is not surprising that the islands are top destinations for any couple and top picks for any wedding photographers and planners alike. Having your wedding in Greece is truly a magical experience.

The Wedding Creative Style Photographer

The Wedding Creative Style photographer

Photography style is a question I am often asked about. Coming from the world of fashion photograph and my wife a fashion designer herself I am personally surrounded but what is considered visual modern. So the wedding creatives of today will soon be the wedding creatives of tomorrow. When I photograph a wedding yes I will always shoot in a modern photographic style but will always make sure those classics are in your wedding album aswell.

Wedding Venues and Destinations

Here are some my top tips for wedding venues in Europe and also in London and the rest of the UK.Essex wedding Venue Gosfield Hall Positano Sorrento Lake Como Ravello Amalfi Coast Tuscany Stockholm Grand Hotel Ice Hotel Sweden Villa Pauli Stockholm Annecy France Casa Del Mar Cabo San Lucas